Steven, better known as Steve, is a Spider who is known for his explosive temperament.

Steve Haloween
ID Tag: (S)
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Black

Physical appearance Edit

Steve has red eyes, medium-length black hair, four arms wielding three-inch claws, and two rows of pointed teeth, he often wears brown pants but goes shirtless due to his unusual set of limbs, he is slender body-wise.

Persona Edit

Steve is usually quite friendly. But when he gets angry, he'll probably break something. Steve is an Otaku, he loves anime to the point of storing his DVDs in a high-security vault. Steve also loves playing video games, especially horror.

Relationships Edit

Sahara and Gobi are his adoptive children, and Marcus is his honorary brother.

Transformation Edit

When he transforms, Steve possesses eight arms, six-inch claws, and three rows of 3-inch teeth. Rather than the skin around his teeth receding, it splits from the rest of his head and grows teeth to take the appearance of mandibles. His eyes take on a shade of red everywhere, rather than just on the irises.

Abilities Edit

Steve is able to dig his claws into walls and ceilings to climb on them. His claws can dig into substances as strong as stone, but can't dig into iron, steel, diamond, etc.

History Edit

Steve used to have a family, but his son was killed by Jack and his wife was kidnapped by Terra. His son got him into anime and he still watches it to this day.


Arachy is Steve's pet spider. He is a Goliath Birdeater who follows Steve around and actually does what Steve tells him to do.

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