The Marionette is a Nightmare with a detachable skeleton.

Age: 26
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White

Physical appearanceEdit

The Marionette has blue eyes and medium-length white hair. He possesses 1-inch claws and pointed teeth. He wears a black long-sleeve shirt with white striped sleeves and long pants with white stripes at the lower legs. His face is often painted white with purple stripes running from the bottoms of his eyes, red cheeks, and red lipstick.


The Marionette is very quiet and shy, except for when someone threatens him or his friends. Then he gets scary.


The Marionette is able detach his skin from his skeleton. He often tends to detach all but a few muscle tendons from his skeleton, then pull the skeleton around like a puppet while the rest of him grabs onto the ceiling.

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