Gobi is the male of the twin Dolls.

Gobi Halloween
ID Tag: (♂)
Age: 7
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown

Physical appearance Edit

Gobi looks like a seven-year-old boy with medium length brown hair. He possesses half-inch claws, and his mouth is armed with pointed teeth, although they aren't visible since his mouth is stitched shut. He has blue eyes, and he often wears a red and blue striped t-shirt, and jean shorts. He often carries a purple Jack-in-the-box with him. The jack-in-the-box itself has a silhouette of an animatronic bear, rabbit, and fox on the front face, and a golden crank handle.

Persona Edit

Gobi is much quietter and more timid than his sister, he is often the one to give her the supplies for her traps. His Jack-in-the-box seems to be an anomaly, the space inside is able to contain something as big as a grand piano. When he uses his Jack-in-the-box, the top pops open and a seemingly random object bursts out.

Relationships Edit

Gobi is Steve's son, Sahara's twin brother, and Marcus's nephew.

Transformation Edit

When he transforms, Gobi possesses 3-inch claws and two rows of teeth. He also uses his Jack-in-the-Box to find certain weapons(knives, bats, etc.).


Gobi seems to have a slight psychic ability(being able to sense where people are without seeing or hearing them.)

History Edit

Gobi was abandoned with Sahara and was left alone until he chose Steve to be his father.